It is time for some fishing

June is here, and my schedule for this month is on my fridge. When Paula penciled in the games, I could not believe that we only had one day off in the month.Of course, we had a rainout, and I have rescheduled a game for that day. I have decided that I may have to go back to work to get some rest.On the bright side, that rain out gave me a chance to do some fishing with Chuck Restine.We headed to Lake Tenkiller and tried to catch some smallmouth bass. I managed to catch one, along with a couple of black bass and a couple of sand bass.Since we had a game scheduled, and the fish were not biting, we headed back to Chuck’s house.When the call came in that the game was canceled, we decided to fish a little longer at a little fishing spot Chuck has near Bokoshe.The bass were hungry in this little honey hole, and we caught several good ones. I managed to reel in a 3.5-pounder or two, and Chuck caught a few around four pounds.We are not the only ones that have been doing some fishing lately. My good buddy, Nathan Janway, and my cousin, Russell Broussard, have been catching a few crappie at Wister Lake.Have a great week!• • •E-mail questions or comments to