It was all OSU over Savannah State

STILLWATER — It was a no-brainer that Oklahoma State would cakewalk through Savannah State Saturday night at Boone Pickens Stadium. It did exactly that, making carnage of the overmatched Tigers in a one-sided 84-0 rout.No contest.Unless you’re an OSU fan and enjoy dominance, it was boring, but even a vast majority of Poke fans felt that. Most left as the game progressed.The Cowboys scored on 12 of 16 possessions, keeping sports information department representatives busy thumbing through media guides, looking for records being broken.Mike Gundy, OSU's coach, was asked about that subject along with running up the score by media in the post-game conference, but didn‘t want any part of it.“I don’t I think should have to comment on what the score was,” Gundy said. “It’s irrelevant at this point. You’re searching for something to write on. I’m just glad the kids went out and played hard. We play the games that are scheduled and go on down the road.”What Gundy did like talking about was his players.“Everyone got to play, which is enjoyable to me,” he said. “I thought our guys executed fairly well. We’ll have a different situation (this) week at Arizona.”