July means fishing for the Midgley family

Happy Fourth of July! I hope everyone is enjoying time at the lake, having backyard barbecues and spending time with family and friends today. We are visiting with several of my cousins and friends in Wister. It should be a great day.Cash and I have been going fishing this week since I finally got my boat out, and have a little morning time to hit the lake. I was afraid that since it was going to be July before I had any time to fish that it was going to be smokin’ hot, but this week has been unusually cool.We caught several Wednesday morning, and, with some luck, Cash and I will be out here a whole bunch more between now and when school starts.• • •If you get a chance, run into Wister Food Market at Wister and check out Tanner McAlester’s full-body mount black bear he shot last year.Have a great week!Editor's note: There will not be an "Outdoors with Jody Ray" column this week. It will return on July 12.• • •E-mail questions or comments to gmidgley_golf@yahoo.com.