Jury convicts Simpson on two counts of murder

Breaking news:The jury in the case of accused murderer Christopher Simpson returned a guilty verdict on two counts of murder. The jury announced its decision tonight (Thursday) shortly before 6. The jury recommended Simpson get life without parole.Formal sentencing will be held Nov. 8 at 11 a.m.Simpson was accused in the April 8, 2012, shooting death of 20-year-old Ka'Loni Flynn and her unborn child.The jury heard testimony by Brittany and La Pierce Gordon, Jayla Simpson, OSBI Agent Shawn Ward and MacKenzie Clayton and other witnesses throughout the previous four days. The truth of their testimony became the main focus of Simspon's words on the stand.Defense attorney Warren Gotcher plied Simpson with questions that allowed him to testify to his whereabouts the night of the murder, cellular phone use and purchase and his cooperation with investigators.During his testimony, after four interviews with investigators in which he denied purchasing or owning a pay-as-you-go phone, Simpson told jurors that he remembered buying the phone, as was depicted in a picture of him captured from video footage.According to Simpson, he purchased the phone for Clayton. In earlier testimony, Clayton denied any knowledge of the phone or of any current drug dealings.In cross examination, prosecutor Tony Evans asked Simpson why he waited till now to divulge the information. Simpson claimed he had recently remembered. Evans asked how he could remember almost a year and a half later but couldn't remember when questioned by investigators 22 days after the purchase.Simpson testified he was at the Gordon's home in the garage when he received a text at 11:11 p.m. from La Pierce Gordon asking if "he was straight." Simpson said Brittany Gordon was asleep when he entered the garage by La Pierce Gordon was awake.Evans asked Simpson if he had heard the Gordon's earlier testimony in which Brittany Gordon said she was awake and saw Simpson enter the garage, or La Pierce Gordon's testimony that said no one saw Simpson in the garage.Simpson denied his story was false.At the conclusion of cross examination Evans asked Simpson if a portion of the witnesses lied on the stand."Did Brittany and La Pierce Gordon lie? Did MacKenzie Clayton lie? Did your sister Jayla [Simpson] lie? Did agent Ward lie?" said Evans.Simpson said they all lied except his sister, who may have misheard what she testified to.Jayla Simpson testified she heard her brother tell a cousin that no one would solve the murder because "it was too clean."Evans asked Simpson if he knew any details to Flynn's death other than her being shot in her car, to which he responded no."So you wouldn't know anything about the evidence found in the car?" said Evans.Again Simpson said no.When Evans asked him about the "clean statement" again, Simpson said "I didn't have the information to make the 'too clean' statement ... It doesn't make sense.""It would only make sense if you did it," said Evans.Simpson denied having any part in the murder.