KIM ROSS: Filling big shoes

For almost three years I have worked at the Poteau Daily News as a reporter, running here and there gathering stories. In that short time I have worked for two editors who have in their own way taught me many things about the world of news. Both had their own outlook on how things should occur and each had valuable lessons to teach. To both of them, I say thank you for the education I received under your tutelage. Monday marked my first day as editor at PDN and a new era in my life. Now for those of you who appreciate grammar, I have fought my robotic instinct to split my verbs and use dangling participles on a daily basis (yes Mike Dougherty, I am trying today more so than ever.) The funny thing about writing, is you find out quickly that how you speak is ever so wrong on many occasions. So in order to write correctly, it is necessary almost to think backwards. Now I have been assured that should I make such a mistake, not everyone would notice, but it all goes back to absorbing the information thrown at you by the jolly man, known as Mike, who rightly could be called the grammar guru. Some of the greatest lines in history frame my computer to remind me of right from wrong since I have found that although they are not always correct, they are a good reminder of what is. I refer regularly to the notes dangling from my screen in hopes of getting it right. Now the reason for the insight in my battle for proper grammar comes from the fact that until Monday, I didn’t have to worry about catching myself so much because Mike would remind me. Now it is all on me. I have to remember everything I have been taught and use it. Similar to being a tightrope walker without a net, precariously balanced without room for error. The standards too which Mike held the writers of the newsroom were high, which only made each of us better at our tasks but most certainly left me big shoes to fill. In order to obtain that goal, I have set my own standards and expectations of myself higher, and with the help of my newsly friends we can keep the bar raised.For today I will keep it short as I have many new tasks to fit into my normally hectic day and a short time in which to do so. Kim Ross is editor of the Poteau Daily News. E-mail her at