KIM ROSS: Morning mumbles

Hope everyone is having a great Throwback Thursday. The editorial staff at Poteau Daily News is rockin' and rollin' this morning as we have many places to be through the day. Don't for the National Wild Turkey Federation banquet that begins at 5:30 tonight at the Bob Lee Kidd Civic Center in Poteau. Support conservation.If you don't believe in the death penalty, this blog may not be one you wish to read. I have read recent reports that death by lethal injection is inhumane and protesters are seeking to ban the practice. Ban the electric chair, ban hanging, ban the gas chamber, ban injection — I say no way. I firmly believe there is a solution to it all. Convicted murderers should die in the fashion they killed. May sound brutal, sorry, but it is what it is. In Oklahoma to receive the death penalty you didn't accidentally run over someone and they died. You didn't shoot a person one time and they died. You didn't stab someone in a blind rage and they died. To be sentenced to death in this state, you murdered in a cruel and heinous manner and were a threat to the lives of others. So essentially those on death's row have committed several murders before being caught and convicted or their crime was so violent it would shame a horror movie producer. Very rarely does one dive of the board of sanity to become a psychopath or sociopath. They always have been one they finally just gave in to their instinct. So for those of you who think it is inhumane to put them to death in what is considered the most peaceful and painless way — and no I didn't say there was no possibility of pain — here is my suggestion for the remedy. They die in the manner they killed. Burn someone to death, that's how you die, etc. Maybe that would cause a person inclined to commit murder to reconsider. Shouldn't those of you out there who say "no" to every fashion of the death penalty be asking yourself why the killer didn't listen to the victim's "NO." It isn't about revenge, it's about humanity and the rules of civilization. Although we may live in peace, we can't always turn a blind eye to keep it.