KIM ROSS: Morning mumbles

Good Monday morning everyone. Hope you had a great weekend and found plenty of fun and local activities to fill your days. The LeFlore County Emergency Management Department recently received 500 weather radios that are available to LeFlore County residents for $1. You must provide proof of residency. I had the opportunity to watch a video on Facebook that was a very heart warming story. I would like to share a bit of it with you. The widow of Lt. Billie D. Harris of Oklahoma recently got the answers she had been seeking for 68 years since her husbands death during World War II. The Peggy and Billie had been married only six weeks before he left for war. He was a fighter pilot. She received word he was killed in action and that is where her journey for answers began. Harris' widow was given many different stories over the years having been unable to locate her husbands grave. She was told he was killed in action, then missing in action, buried in this cemetery, no he is buried in another cemetery. For 68 years she searched, remaining unwed and true to the only love of her life. Her answers recently came with the help of a family member who found Harris buried in the National Cemetery in Normandy. With the discovery came another. Harris is remembered annually as a hero in the small village of Levant, France. His plane was on the path to crash directly into the village but somehow he missed the small community and crashed just beyond the homes. One of the men found Harris and cared for him in his last moments. The village buried Harris in their local cemetery and celebrated his heroics each year until he was moved to the Normandy. His widow now makes an annual journey to the village, where she walks down La Place Billie D. Harris, the villages main thoroughfare named after her husband. On her first visit to the village, she met the now 91-year-old man who cared for her fatally injured husband. According to the story, she is the only widow known to still visit the National Cemetery where her husband now rests. She also has his grave decorated with flowers 10 times a year for the various holidays, his birthday and their anniversary. I just have to say, this woman knew true love and her life of dedication is amazing. It was a beautiful ending to such a tragedy. Hope you all have a great day. Catch you tomorrow.