KIM ROSS: Morning mumbles

It has again been a busy morning in LeFlore County. An open house at Kiamichi Technology Center, run down a few crimes, progress, progress and more progress. For those of you who don't know what progress is, it is the biggest special section published annually by Poteau Daily News. It showcases the growth and expansion of businesses, non-profit organizations, tourist attractions and many other locations in the county. If you are a business owner and opened your doors in 2013, or if you made any changes to your existing business, give me a call. It is important to hear from you. Now on to the more fun things. Yeah! Poteau teachers were approved to attend the Oklahoma Educators Rally in Oklahoma City. Their goal - loosen the purse strings so students can have what they need for education. Get ready for some action — educators v. legislators! I am laying my cash on the teachers. Passion for what you do is often a winning trait.And btw- a big thank you to the Poteau Board of Education for allowing B.J. Barnes to speak this time. It is a generous offer he and the Poteau Citizens for Better Schools made toward the fight for teaching dollars. Here's a little Darwin Awards humor, if you may, obtained from the DA website. If you don't know about the Darwin Awards, people are highlighted for their acts of stupidity that resulted in their death, otherwise known as cleaning out the gene pool themselves. (July 11, 2011 New York) Protesting motorcycle helmet laws, an Onondaga, NY man was participating in a bare-noggin protest ride when he was killed via flipping over the handlebars. The motorcycle accident injured the noggin of Mr. Contos, 55, fatally damaging a brain that was unable to determine the physics of the situation. Moreover, he'd do it again if he could, according to his elder brother. He would have wanted it that way.Certain laws have physics on their side, obviously, and the laws say one's body cannot walk away from a high-speed physical impact. Laws not subject to repeal. Unprotected--you squash like a bug. Protected--you eat squash for dinner.Since properly padded and protected men can walk away from a 90-mph crash, protection is prudent when you increase {mass x speed} above a critical threshhold.Prudent, but sould protection be mandatory? Robert Frost says, "I hold it to be the inalienable right of anybody to go to hell in his own way."Police said Phil "hit his brakes, fishtailed and went out of control, flipping him over the handlebars." What we, the Darwin Awards committee, would like to know--and news reports don't explain--is just how he went over the handlebars? Catch ya on the flip side!