KIM ROSS: Morning mumbles

To start the morning with a little fun I usually check out the weird headlines of the day. Needless to say, each and every morning something always is worth a laugh. Apparently McGruff the crime dog was sentenced in Texas recently after police found him with 1,000 marijuana plants and about 30 weapons — including a grenade launcher. John Russell Morales, 41, who played the part of the crime-fighting bloodhound, was sentenced to more than 20 years behind bars. The irony of it all — real police dogs were used to find the actor's stash. In Canada, if you are an alcoholic, never fear the lack of beer. A new program is offering to teach alcoholics how to make their own beer and wine so they won't drink more harsh items containing alcohol such as hand sanitizer. According to news reports, this is the same group that attempted to offer crack cocaine in vending machines to help reduce the number of addiction-related crimes. You got change for a $20?In Finland, motorists have another issue at hand — reindeer crossings. To help lower the number of night time crashes involving Santa's steeds, reindeer breeders have found the solution. Glow-in-the-dark antlers. No, I am not kidding.The radiant rack is created by the use of reflective sprays. Is that a UFO? No — that's reflective Rudolph!And last but not least, a New Mexico race horse trainer is in a slump after four of his steeds tested for Viagra. According to reports, the drug is banned from use in race horses because it increases cardiac output and can enhance their on-track performance. He was given a financial penalty as well as a 16 year sabbatical from the track. Go figure!Hope you enjoyed a few of today's bizarre headlines from across the world. Catch you tomorrow.