KIM ROSS: Ugly rears its head!

In the wake of the Moore tragedy, it shames me to say that the lowest form of human in our society has reared its ugly head. Immediately after the tornado devastated Moore, alerts for scam artist were being pummeled through the media. They were full of safety precautions, warnings and ways to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate donation site. And if that isn’t bad enough, people are being arrested for looting through the devastated homes in hopes of financial or material gain. It is appalling that a human being could find justification, however flimsy, to believe looting a town in mourning is somehow acceptable behavior. What kind of person is this? I saw the video footage of the looters arrested. Two men, sitting on the ground back-to-back and cuffed at the rear of a police car. What could they need so bad to be rummaging through the only remains of thousands of peoples lives? Did they stop to think that trinket they lifted might have been the only reminder a family had of a loved one?Of course they didn’t! Their only thought was for themselves. The lowest of the low. Selfishness, corruption, and if I was to go out on a limb here, I would say addiction at their rawest forms. How would they feel if one of the bereaving parents who lost a child at the Plaza Tower Elementary school said, dear thief in the night – that stuffed animal your child is now playing with, it was a gift to my child last Christmas.It’s a sad world when anyone is as cold-hearted, uncaring and self-centered as those two men were. Not to mention those who hope to score donated goods for their own use. Shame on you all.And really – $40 a gallon for drinking water? I heard that on the news and it truly angered me even more than I was already.We are a nation torn asunder with greed and material gluttony. How have we come to this point? I can only hope that those who are taking advantage of a horrific tragedy find themselves in front of a cold-hearted, uncaring judge who admonishes them for their hideous behavior and delivers the full weight of the law upon their shoulders. For those who have turned their back on right and go willingly into the arms of wrong during this disaster, the rest of the nation mourns the loss of 24 children and adults and will recover alongside 373 injured people, waiting for you to atone for your sins.May you bear the brand of your crimes heavy on your heart!