Knight Time, Baby Elephants, Boomer Sooners for my boys

Before I get started, the want to answer that trivia question I gave you all an extra week to ponder. The question was who is the only person to win a championship in two different sports? Gene Connelly won a championship in the National Basketball Association and with the Milwaukee Braves (who are, of course, now in Atlanta).• • •It has been about seven years since I last went to an Oklahoma Sooners football game. This Saturday was special. I remember the time my dad took me to my first OU game. It was a day, and an event that helped mold my future in sports — and love for Sooner football. I do not remember the year. It had to be in the early 1960s. The Sooners played the Pittsburgh Panthers. I believe the leading tackler for the Sooners was noseguard Granville Liggins, who I believe played at Tulsa Washington. I think we saw Bud Wilkinson, but I simply can't remember the year. Can anybody tell me the year that the Panthers came to Norman? It was not the year that Scott Hill made the hit.Generations come and go, so this was special for me for three generations of Marsh men went to the game Saturday night. Even though it was sweltering my son, Joey, grandsons James and Brendon experienced things for the first time. Perhaps, these two cousins will only remember that they saw “Duck Dynasty” star Jep Robertson and his wife, but I really think they'll remember “Boomer Sooner,” and they will be able to say they were there when “Knight Time” started at OU.