Labor Board Investigation

Monday evening members of the LeFlore County Emergency Medical Services board meet to discuss a pending investigation or action against LeFlore County EMS. The board took no action on the matter nor did they confirm what the investigation was about. However, Former EMS director Bob Hawley attended the meeting and made a public statement which eluded that the investigation was in regard to the Federal Labor Board. EMS Director David Grovdahl stated in a phone interview Monday that he wasn't at liberty to discuss any of the details at this time but he would be able to disclose the information very soon. He stated the meeting was so that the board and their attorney could discuss the matter and that it is too soon to surmise if any action will need to be taken. If it is found that LeFlore County EMS violated labor laws with regard to the way they pay their employees the agency would be responsible for paying back wages owed from the time that the alleged violations began.