Late season deer hunting time is here

Christmas vacation is here for me and I am ready for some time off from work. I am even more excited to be able to pull out my Mathews and get back in a tree stand. Dan Carter and I are joining Butch Parks at our lease in Clayton.We are planning on staying for several days and enjoy the peace and quiet of late season bow hunting. Wister baseball coach John McAlester, Brad McMillin and Kolton Lynn are going to join us for a day or two during the hunt.I have deer meat in the freezer, but we still need to fill Dan’s. We are going to try and hunt food sources like we did early in bow season. This is a great strategy in the late season because the weather is usually cold, and the deer are trying to replenish their fat after the rut and in preparation for winter.Have a great week, and a Merry Christmas!• • •E-mail questions or comments to