LeFlore County EMS takes top state honors

LeFlore County Emergency Medical Services and employees were honored during the annual Oklahoma Emergency Medical Technician Association banquet. Anthony Stankowitz, 21, of Spiro, heard his name out called out during an awards ceremony last week in Tulsa as the 2012 Paramedic of the year. The award, which is peer based by nomination, recognized Stankowitz as the top outstanding Paramedic in Oklahoma. His nomination was written by LCEMS Director, Dave Grovdahl“His nomination was based on his defiance,” said Grovdahl. “His defiance to accept status quo. His defiance to believe he has learned everything. His constant studying and learning new concepts two progress the emergency medical system.”LCEMS also received a top state award as Advanced EMS system of the year. The nominations were voted on by the board of OEMTA. Grovdahl said LCEMS was selected because of their advanced cardiac and stroke care program.“We have been working very hard for the past three years,” said Grovdahl. “The acknowledgment by the state speaks of the progress we have made.”