Local police departments burglarized during the holiday

Three suspects are in custody following burglaries of the Panama and Howe Police Departments that occurred Thanksgiving morning.Nikita Don Beshirs, 34, William John Real, 21, and Chelsea Rashele Hall, 23, all of Panama, were arrested for multiple burglary related charges after police discovered stolen contraband in a wrecked vehicle the trio had used to commit the thefts. Hall, who allegedly told police she wrecked the vehicle intentionally to terminate her pregnancy, reportedly admitted to police that she broke into the police department's to prove a point. According to the arrest report, Real told police that Hall had picked him up then they had traveled to the Howe Police Department to file a report, but when no officers were at the department, Hall took files and a black box. After leaving the Howe Police Department they went to Panama where Hall allegedly threw a brick through the front door then entered the building. She reportedly took several small items and a guitar then left. According to Real, they picked up Beshirs and returned to the Panama Police Department and Beshirs kicked the evidence room door down. Police reportedly recovered several drug paraphernalia and stolen evidence items from the Panama Police Department along with marijuana and the stolen police files from the Howe Police Department during an inventory of the wrecked car. Real and Beshirs were transported to the LeFlore County Detention Center and each one was booked on charges of two counts of burglary, two counts of malicious injury to property and two counts of larceny of a controlled dangerous substance. Hall was booked on charges of second degree burglary, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, child endangerment, malicious injury to property and larceny of an automobile. They are currently being held without bond.