Local preschooler donates hair

Four-year old Tegan Stimac is just like any other preschooler in a lot of ways; she enjoys playing outside, pretending to be The Little Mermaid, and hunting with Daddy. What truly sets her apart from the crowd is her enormous passion to help people. When Tegan’s mom carefully explained that some children lose their hair during treatment for cancer, Tegan wanted to do something about it. “We had watched a show on television about a little girl that had lost her hair during chemo. While explaining this to Tegan, I also told her about the organization Locks of Love, which I had donated to as a teenager,” says Tegan’s mother. Locks of Love is an association that accepts donations of hair to make wigs for children experiencing hair loss due to the effects of chemotherapy. Tegan had always been so proud of her long, princess like hair. In fact, she had never even had a trim up to this point. Selflessly though, she climbed into the barber’s chair and made a decision that will change another little girl’s life. The staff at Ulta salon in Fort Smith were extra accommodating to Tegan, providing a free cut and style as well as handling the processing of the hair donation. Altogether, Tegan says she is very proud to help others and can’t wait for another little girl to be happy because of her. Truly, Tegan’s heart is in the right place. Tegan, who attends preschool in Greenwood, AR, is the daughter of Tony Stimac, manager at CV’s in Greenwood, and Taylor Stimac, a high school teacher at Cameron Public Schools