Looking for service with style? Stop by the Onyx Shop

What began 17 years ago in a small little shop with two nail technicians has grown to a full service salon with five hair stylist and the same two nail technicians. Linda Delap and Missy Alexander opened the Onyx Shop in Wister in 1995 chatting things up with the ladies while sculpting their nails. A few years later, Linda and Missy closed the Wister shop and relocated to the Tortoise and the Hair in Poteau. As their clientele grew, the ladies decided to, once again, go out on their own. They opened the new Onyx Shop across the street from Strikes-A-Lot Bowling on Broadway and business began to flourish. The two ladies now offer services that will pamper their customers from head to toe. Linda and Missy continue to specialize in manicures, pedicures and artificial nail enhancements and now have five hair stylists with them in the shop. Lori Brannon joined the Onyx Shop when the relocated to the Poteau location eight years ago. She specializes in foils and cuts along with corrective color.Laura “Tootie” Daves specializes in wedding and prom styles, razor cuts, highlights and colors. She also specializes in clip-in extensions in the trendiest of colors. Tiffany Castillo is a graduate of River Valley Cosmetology and brings with her the latest styles and fresh ideas. Stacey Roberts has been a stylist with the Onyx Shop for seven years. Sugar waxing, also known as sugaring, is Stacey’s specialty. From eyebrows and arms to legs and bikini waxes, she can do it all at an affordable price. Toni Plummer began as a stylist in 1996 spending several years working at the Clip Joint. She recently brought her specialties of colors, cuts, highlights, perms and chemical relaxers to the shop along with many of her faithful clientele.Walk-in clients are welcome with any of the stylists or nail technicians. Sugaring, however, will require an appointment. The Onyx Shop offers a variety of personal products for sale. For everything from Avon, Pink Zebra, to hair car products, nail polish, lotion and handbags. The Onyx Shop is the place to go for what you’re looking for. The ladies invite you to stop by for a cup of coffee and inquire about any of their wonderful services.