Lots of fishing; bow hunting starts heating up now

For all you avid anglers out there, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife has released the GPS coordinates to the fish attractor locations, such as brush piles and tire reefs, that are submerged. If you use a system that accepts waypoints, this might be something that you would be interested in checking out. Wister Lake, as well as all the other major lakes in the state, are included on the download from the website.— — —I talked to B.J. Johnson from The Community State Bank the other day. He is feeling the archery itch. It might be just because we are hot and sweaty all the time with this summer heat, but I like to think it’s because opening day is quickly approaching, less than three months away now. If you haven’t started fine tuning your bow and getting yourself back into the swing of things, now is the time to begin!Over the next few weeks, I am going to start hanging stands and cutting shooting lanes. If you plan on doing this during the hot part of the summer like I do, remember to drink plenty of water and use plenty of bug spray. If you put in the time practice shooting, stand hanging, and scouting during the hot part of the summer, it should pay off when the season starts in October.— — —My boy, Cash, has turned into quite a fisherman. He has caught three bass that weighed more than three pounds in the last week, including his largest ever, a 4-pound, 2-ounce bass he caught at Spiro Lake. We are heading to Lake Carlton this week to try our luck there.Have a great week!— — —Email questions or comments to gmidgley_golf@yahoo.com.