Man claims to have no idea how he got in driver's seat

An Oklahoma City man who wasallegedly found passed out behind thewheel of his vehicle while parked on acounty road near Spiro has been formallycharged by the LeFlore County DistrictAttorney’s Office with being in actualphysical control of a motor vehicle whileunder the influence. Since this is hissecond or subsequent offense, the chargeis a felony that could result in prisontime if convicted.Timothy Scott Carter, 32, of OklahomaCity, was arrested on September 21 aftera passerby reported a vehicle parked inthe road.According to the affidavit filed byTrooper Ron Shatsar, Oklahoma HighwayPatrol, when he arrived on scene, hespoke with Spiro Police Officer MichaelDraper who had responded to the call toassist a LeFlore County Deputy who wasenroute.Draper reportedly told Shatsar thatwhen he located the 1991 Chevy fourdoor red car, he discovered Carter asleepbehind the wheel while the car was stillrunning. Draper was able to wake Carterwho was standing outside his vehiclewhen Shatsar arrived.According to the report, when Shatsarquestioned Carter about the incident, heclaimed a friend had been driving andhad run off leaving him asleep in thevehicle but he was unsure how he hadended up in the driver’s seat.Shatsar reported that Carter staggeredas he walked and his speech was slurred.He also noted that Carter smelled ofalcohol. When the trooper asked Carterto take a breath test to determine if hewas under the influence of alcohol, heallegedly replied that there was no wayhe was that drunk. Carter refused to takethe breath test and was placed underarrest for driving under the influence –apc (actual physical control).Carter was transported the LeFloreCounty Detention Center and booked onthe alcohol related charges. He is currentlyfree on a $3,000 bond awaiting hisnext court appearance.