Man leads police on high speed chase with pregnant wife

Police say a Talihina man led them on an over 100 mile per hour chase with his pregnant wife in the passenger seat.A warrant for the arrest of Frederick Joe Pierce II, 31, of Talihina was issued Thursday by the LeFlore County District Attorney's Office in connection with the chase. Officer Justin Klitzke with the Talihina Police Department reports that on October 23 he noticed a white four door car speeding east out of Talihina. Officer Klitzke reports that he recognized the driver of the car as Pierce.According to reports, when Klitzke attempted a traffic stop, Pierce's vehicle sped up and continued out of Talihina. Klitzke reports that he gave chase with his lights and sirens on at speeds faster than 100 miles per hour.Reports show that eventually, the vehicle pulled into a driveway and drove behind a house. Officer Klitzke states in his report that when he pulled up behind the vehicle, smoke was billowing from the engine and the passenger door was opening.Klitzke says that when he got to the car, the driver was gone, and that the passenger was identified as Amanda Knowles, Pierce's wife, who told Klitzke that she was six months pregnant.Pierce faces two misdemeanor charges resulting from the incident, attempting to elude a police officer and driving with a revoked license. If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of two years in prison and $2,500 in fines.