MANDY CLINTON: New year, new attitude

Most people make at least three New Year’s resolutions. Statistics show that 93 percent of people break at least one of them. To lose weight, to exercise more, to eat better, to save more money and to spend more time with loved ones are among the top five resolutions reported last year.I am encouraging everyone to make more simple resolutions. Instead of saying lose weight; you could say lose five pounds by the end of the year. Instead of saying exercise more; say walk at least one day per week. Instead of saying eat better, say choose a healthier option for one meal per day. Instead of save more money, say put back at least $5 per week. And instead of saying spend more time with loved one, you could say call, text and visit one person each month.When we give ourselves a number and a deadline, we are more apt to stick with the goal. Also, it makes the goal attainable to narrow it down and be specific.I also am going to suggest to make at least one of your resolutions about other people. Then, you are letting someone else down if you do not stick to it.Lastly, since it is New Year’s. I also want to mention drinking and driving. No matter how old you are or how long you have been driving, it is just about the dumbest and most irresponsible thing you can do. You are endangering lives and could possibly ruin your entire life in a split second decision to drive drunk. Before you start drinking find a designated driver and hand over your keys. Think before you drink people.I wish everyone a happy and safe New Year!Mandy Clinton is a graduate of Heavener High School and a wife and mother of four children. She writes children’s books as well as horror and romance novels. She studied allied health at Carl Albert State College. She can be reached by email at