Medicare phone scam hits the area

Beware Medicare and Medicaid recipients, a new scam may be occurring and you are the target. One Poteau resident said she received a phone call from an English speaking man who told her he was calling in regard to new Medicare cards being issued on Oct. 1. She was asked to verify her information, all of which he already had. He told her her name, address and phone number, which she agreed were correct. The man then asked her for the name of her bank to help verify her address. She said without much thought she told him the name of her Poteau bank and he instantly told her the routing number to the bank but asked that she verify he was correct by checking her check book. She said she confirmed the routing number and that is when the man asked her to verify the next seven numbers. She said, "that's when I realized what was happening" because the last seven numbers are her bank account number. When she refused to give him the information he hung up on her. A phone call to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Wednesday afternoon to determine if new cards are being issued Oct. 1 and to confirm the phone call was indeed a scam were unanswered by press time.