The Midgley vacation in full swing up north

As I write this week's column, I am in Cody, Wyo., in a cabin after a great day of rafting down the Shoshone River and five hours of trout fishing in the same river. Cash and Koby had a good day fishing catching about 10 each, and enjoying a relaxing day without much driving.Up to this point, we have traveled more than 2,000 miles through Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming. We have got to visit Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Monument, Devil's Tower, Yellowstone, Custer State Park, Deadwood and Sturgis. We did not know that this was the big bike rally in Sturgis, and we decided after passing through town that it is Mardi Gras on wheels.We have gotten to see lots of wildlife along the way, including mule deer, whitetail deer, elk, bighorn sheep and buffalo and antelope also by the thousands, jackrabbits and, my personal favorite, big ol' moose. Cash got within about 25 yards of one, so he could get a picture on his phone. I asked him if he could of outrun the moose if it had charged him, and he said that he did not have to outrun the moose, just the lady next to him who was also taking pictures. It has been a great vacation up to this point, and we are only on the first leg.The rest of our trip will include the Grand Tetons, Glacier National Park, Salt Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park — among others. By the time we get home, we will have logged more than 4,000 miles and covered at least eight states. My family is getting to see many sights that I have wanted to see for all of my life, and the neat part for me is when I am in my geography class I will be able to show pictures and tell first-hand stories about the places that we are discussing.I hope to have many more pictures and stories for everyone in next week's column. Until then, I am going to enjoy this cool weather. That’s right, we have actually seensome low temperatures in the high 40s, and we still have several hundred miles north to go.— — —I want to apologize to Josh Walls down at Bass Fanatix because I had a couple of typos last week and called him Wallis and Willis, so I wanted to set the record straight his last name is Walls. Sorry Josh!Have a great week!— — —Email questions or comments to