My boys show off while fishing for smallmouth, largemouth bass

The state has released the results for the controlled hunts. If you put in for one (or several) hunt(s), you can go to the Department of Wildlife’s web site to see if you were selected. In all my baseball craziness of the spring, I did not make time to sit down and do that, so I missed out. I hope you weren’t like me.• • •Even though I missed out on the controlled hunts, I am not missing out on any fishing. Last weekend, I went to Lake Murray to surprise my cousin, Jason Sampson. His wife, Dawnita, asked us to come, so I could take Jason fishing for his birthday.We rolled in a bit early on Friday, so we stopped by Lake Murray so Cash and I could do some pre-fishing while Paula worked on her tan. Cash schooled me how to catch those beautiful bronze smallies on that first day. He skunked me, catching all of his on a fluke junior rigged on a one-aught worm hook with a spit shot weight 18-inches up the line.• • •Keeping true to my directive to fish more now that baseball has slowed down, we went to Cedar Lake to join Dan and Kaye Carter for a few days of camping and fishing. The weather was great, with lots of cloud cover and cooler temperatures — which had the fish biting pretty good. We caught a quite a few fish, once we figured out what they wanted. It was Koby’s turn to show off when he caught a four–pound, two-ounce bass on Monday.Have a great week!• • •E-mail questions or comments to