New Poteau Police Chief sworn into office

The Poteau Police Department willbegin a new era today as the newly namedChief of Police begins his first day on thejob.Stephen Fruen, 35, of Poteau, was unanimouslychosen by the Poteau City Councilas the city's new chief during a specialmeeting Monday night.Fruen, who was one of the three applicantsconsidered for the position, was recommendedby the Police Committee afterreviewing the resumes during the last twoweeks. The resumes were submitted bycurrently employed Poteau Police personnelas a chance for internal advancement.According to Mayor Jeff Shockley, theacceptance of resumes from currentlyemployed personnel was in part due to therequirement that the chief live within thecity limits.Fruen will hold the position of chiefuntil the next election date that the city canhold in the spring of 2013. The electedposition is a four-year term and the scheduledchief of police election will be held in2015.According to Tommy Robertson, DavidWhite and Clay Bennett, members of thePolice Committee, the decision to recommendFruen to the city council for the positionwas due to his ambition, integrity,enthusiasm and public relations skills.Fruen, who is now recorded as the youngestever chief of police in Poteau, was alsorecommended due to the longevity hecould provide to the position.