Now, things will get very exciting on the gridiron

As you all read this week's Gridiron Notes Column, all eight county football teams have began the most important part of their seasons — district play.The 11-man teams began district play Friday night, while the county's 8-man teams — Arkoma and Bokoshe — did so two weeks ago, ironically against one another.These games are the most critical as it will determine whether or not a team makes the playoffs. During the week in certain preview stories, I will run the district standings — for example, the District 4A-4 standings will appear with the Poteau preview story on game day mornings' edition.When you see the standings, out to the far right, you will see a plus or minus number, or possibly zero. This denotes district points, which are used in multiple-team ties for a playoff spot. The team with the highest district-point total wins the tiebreaker. These points are earned weekly in district games. If a team wins by 15 points or more, that team will earn 15 points. Conversely, if a team loses by 15 points or more, that team will lose 15 points. If the margin of victory is in between, that number will be added to the winner, and subtracted from the loser.This now makes for some more interesting Friday nights.Contacting Yours TrulyAs of right now, a corporate server glitch has made it impossible for me to get email sent to — while I can send from it just fine, go figure! So, anyone wanting to make contact with me electronically may do so at or contact me through Facebook. Sorry for the problems, and I'll let you all know when the problem is resolved.