Oakes guilty

A Poteau man haspleaded guilty to federalcharges after he attemptedto bribe a witness in a federalcase against his son.The United StatesAttorney’s Office for theEastern District ofOklahoma, announcedTuesday that Tom Oakes,age 64, of Poteau, pledguilty to tampering with aWitness or Victim.According to a pressrelease issued in the case,charges arose from aninvestigation by the PoteauPolice Department and theBureau of Alcohol,Tobacco and Firearms.The federal indictmentalleged that on or aboutAugust 26, 2011,Oakes,did knowingly attempt tocorruptly persuade anotherperson with intent toinfluence and prevent hisor her testimony in anofficial proceeding byoffering that person moneyin return for the that personagreeing not to testifyin United States v. RandallWayne Oakes. The investigationrevealed that thedefendant was recordedoffering a witnesses $500to not testify against hisson, Randall WayneOakes.Kimberly E. West,Magistrate Judge in theUnited States DistrictCourt for the EasternDistrict of Oklahoma, inMuskogee, accepted thedefendant’s guilty pleaand ordered the completionof a presentencereport. Sentencing will bescheduled following itscompletion.According to courtrecords in the case, JohnAlbert was scheduled tobe a witness in the caseagainst Randall Oakes.Albert reportedly toldofficials in the case thatTom Oakes had offeredhim the money not to testify.The court recordsshow that Albert spokewith Poteau PoliceDetective Jim Craig andATF Agent Curt Collinsand told them of the offer.After he gave a statement,the court documents say,the investigators placed arecording device on Albertwho agreed to go to Oakeshome and talk with himabout the money.When Albert arrived atthe home he met withOakes and he attemptedto influence Albert’s testimonysuggesting that if hefail to appear at court or totake the fifth amendmentduring questioning hewould leave $500 inAlberts mailbox for him.According to the courtdocuments Albert askedOakes if he could get someof the money now, butOakes told him hewouldn’t get paid until thefifteenth.“I can guarantee you’llget the money,” said Oakesaccording to the complaint.“I ain’t never lied to nobody.I always tell them the truth,the exact truth.” The conversationreportedly continuedwith Oakes agreeing to try toget $100 dollars by the followingday by going to aloan company.The court records showthat Albert explained toOakes that he had alreadyreceived a subpoena to testifyin which Oakes told himto take the fifth that therewasn’t anything they coulddo about it.Oakes allegedly went onto tell Albert that his wifeKasi Albert, who is also awitness in the case and Oakesdaughter had agreed to takethe fifth and to testify thatshe had been stealing thingswhich would have givenRandall Oakes the right tohave the gun that had himfacing federal charges.Randall Oakes was laterfound not guilty of the federalcharges against him.Tom Oakes is currentlyout on bond and remain sountil his sentencing. The statutoryrange of punishmentis not more than 20 yearsimprisonment and/or up to$250,000 in fines.