Oaks Healthcare Center, providing happiness, love and quality of life

The Oaks Healthcare Center is proud to remain one of the biggest employers in Poteau. Some may recall the day when the Oaks was considered the old folk’s home where everyone goes when they are at the end of the road of life. Those days are long gone.The Oaks is a hustling, bustling place full of love and life. The Oaks has a fully staffed rehabilitation department that has a long list of many patients they have got back on their feet again and home. The Oaks will always welcome residents that wish to stay for long-term care as well. The Oaks cares for a variety of people of various ages with various conditions including a private family friendly hospice area.The State Health Department of Oklahoma must also agree that the Oaks is doing something right. The last few annual surveys were very complimentary. The Oaks is proud to have a long standing leader and administrator in place, Mary Byers Cordum. She came to the Oaks almost two years ago and is well known to the residents and staff of her loving and kind nature.The Oaks is so fortunate to have the support of the community with the many faithful volunteers to include: the Buzy Bees, Project Compassion, Spiro VFW and so many more that the list is too long to mention them all.The Oaks would not be the place it is without all of those faithful family members that are the first ones to sing the praises of days spent with loved ones and staff at the Oaks if anyone should ever want to know their opinion. They are also the first ones to let the staff at the Oaks know when they have a suggestion for improvement.The Oaks would not be the place it is today without all the folks that use their services, have loved ones that do and the fine people that live and work there on a daily basis. The folks at the Oaks are happy. They are loved. They are living the good life.