Obama wins ... no wait, Romney wins

If Poteau pre-K students swayed the election, President Obama would be in office another four years. Ms. Skinner's pre-k class held a mock election Tuesday, with President Obama winning 15 votes to 4.But ... if the second grade students at Poteau Primary School spoke for the country, Mitt Romney would become the next president of the United States. All second grade students voted in their own mock election Tuesday. In the past week students have been learning about the election process and what it means to vote.  Tuesday, they were given the opportunity to cast their own ballot at a polling place set up in the second grade building. Students went through one class at a time, presented the teacher with their official voters identification (their lunch card), marked their ballot and placed it in a box.  When the official second grade count was conducted President Obama received 62 votes and Mitt Romney received 95. Even though they are too young to really vote, the students enjoyed the chance to cast a ballot and share their opinions.