Oliver announces candidacy for District 2

itizens have a right to demand of their County Commissioner some principles of management which reflect a trustworthy relationship between the County Commissioner and the citizens of LeFlore County.The job of County Commissioner is much more than just repairing the roads. Managerial skills are required to balance budgets, prioritize projects, supervise employees, and yes, to provide cost efficient road maintenance to the citizens of District 2.Therefore, following discussion with my wife Suzanne and children, I have made a decision to seek the office of District 2 County Commissioner. I plan to run a campaign on the values we share; one of trust, transparency, accountability and efficiency – values you should expect and demand of your County Commissioner.To gain your trust, I plan to work each day to secure your confidence, prove my honesty and meet your expectations as your public servant. People have told me that they want transparency in the County Commissioner’s office. I plan to report monthly - just as our elected State Representatives - to inform the public of the work projects done and what District 2 can expect in the future in way of improvements. I want to create an online site that can be viewed by citizens of all financial transactions in the District and I plan to have quarterly meetings to hear concerns of the citizens in District 2. There will always be an open door policy in my office. I will encourage open mike and videoed commissioner meetings to be shown on Channel 10.If elected I will seek and follow advice from the District Attorney and respect and obey all state statutes to the letter of the law. All employees in District 2 – including myself – will be held accountable for their job performance and work ethic. You can expect that all employees will give a day’s work for a day’s pay.At present District 2 employees work a four day week. My plan is to put some efficiency into the work week by having a rotating shift that will work on Friday. This will accomplish two things. Citizens who call in during the week about a damaging pot hole – pot hole Friday - can rest assured that it will be taken care of during that week and emergencies could be handled without the burden of an overtime work crew.My 29 years as a Poteau resident, 19 years as a grower consultant and supervisor for OK Foods, along with a Panhandle State University degree have prepared me for the challenges to serve District 2 citizens, manage employees and projects, analyze and prepare budgets.If elected, before every vote, I will go through the following checklist: 1. Is it needed?2. Will it solve the problem?3. Can we afford it?4. Is it fair?5. Is it legal?If the answer to any of these questions is no, I will vote no on that agenda or budget item.I understand - if elected - that I do not work for the County; I work for the citizens of LeFlore County.I am respectfully asking each of you consider my campaign of values that we share and vote for me on November 6, 2012Sincerely,Gordon "Dale" Oliver