Panthers, Jolly Rogers win Poteau Bandit League Bowls

The Poteau Bandit Football League had its Bandit Bowls on Saturday. In the third-fourth grade championship, the Panthers had a complete reversal of fortune from last year, which was loaded with third-grade players who did not win a single game. This year the Panthers went 7-0 as they were top heavy with second-year players.The Panthers held off the Cowboys 19-12 to win the third-fourth grade championship.In the fifth-sixth grade title game, the Jolly Rogers had a complete turn around from their previous game against the Razorbacks. In these teams' first meeting, the Razorbacks won in the back and forth shootout because they had the ball last in the game and won by the score of 33-27.But this game saw the Jolly Rogers completely cook the Razorbacks' bacon and win the game by the score of 31-0.