PIT Camp basketball tournaments take place last Saturday in Wister

The Duck Martin PIT Camp had its first-ever 3-on-3 basketball tournament last Saturday at the Wister High School Gym. A total of 38 teams from the area ranging from third-fourth grade to adult women and men participated in what PIT camp organizers hope will become an annual event. Games began at 8 a.m., continuing in each division until a champion was crowned. Games concluded with men’s division champions at about 11 p.m. Several spectators and competitors were surprised and impressed with the level of talent that participated. Teams from the local area in the county and from Fort Smith, Ark., attended.Representing Leflore County were several players that attended and/or won the state tournaments during their high school careers. Organizers are anticipating having another tournament soon. In the girls third-fourth grade division, the Hoopstars were the champions and the Quack Attack were runners-up.In the boys third-fourth grade division, the Clippers were the champions and the Monroe Eagles were runners-up. The Monroe Lady Eagles were the champions in the girls fifth-sixth grade division. The Twisters were runner up. The Monroe Eagles claimed the top prize in the boys fifth-sixth grade division. The Allstars were runner up. In the girls seventh-eighth grade division, the Howe Lady Lions were the champions, and the Crossfire girls were second. The seventh-eighth grade boys actually played up into the high school boys division, as well as the girls high school team that played in the women’s division. In the boys high school division, Triple Threat was the champions, Cameron was second and the Heat placed third. In the women’s division, Oklahoma Tropic Thunder (OTT) was the champions. Caucasian Invasion was runners-up, and Yolo Tribe placed third. In the men’s division, Dream Team took home the top spot, with Team Nate second and Comebacks third. Winners in the younger divisions were awarded medals commemorating the tournament while the high school and adult division won T-shirts. As hot as it was in the gym, everyone seemed to have a good time.“Thanks for having us," OTT member Katie BenAmor said. "We had a great time! We definitely will be there if you guys do it again!”