Poteau cross country teams place fourth at Early Tiger Meet; Heavener teams come in eighth

TAHLEQUAH — The Poteau High School cross country teams each placed fourth in Thursday's Early Tiger Meet, while both Heavener squads were eight.In the girls' 2,000-meter race, the Lady Pirates scored 93 points, coming in behind champion Coweta (39 points), host Tahlequah (58) and Keys (Park Hill) (83). The Lady Wolves scored 208 points.Poteau's Sheridan Hoyer was the highest LeFlore County placer as she was 13th (8:41.34), right ahead of teammate Deven Bond (8:43.55). Poteau's Colleen Peterson was 26th (9:08.62), Poteau's Tabitha Waldrop was 30th (9:22.92), Poteau's Jazmine Warren was 34th (9:33.43), Heavener's Araceli Farias was 47th (9:59.43), Poteau's Shandee Staton was 51st (10:04.71), Heavener's Melyssa Lynch was 53rd (10:07.93), Heavener's Johna Enger was 56th (10:15.49), Poteau's Edys Ocampo was 61st (10:32.9), Poteau's Sonia Guerrero was 62nd (10:35.08), Heavener's Gloriann Staines was 68th (10:48.43), Heavener's Caitlin Carson was 78th (11:04.08), Poteau's Haley Clark was 82nd (11:09.24), Heavener's Mayte Vasquez was 84th (11:14.95) and Poteau's Kim Ocampo was 90th (11:50.14).In the boys' 4K run, the Pirates scored 104 points, coming in behind champion Coweta (48 points) — which swept the team titles — followed by host Tahlequah (52) and Sequoyah-Tahlequah (83).Poteau's Nico Hall was ninth (14:22.11) to be the only local in the top 10. Poteau's Ashby Clark was 18th (14:50.34), Poteau's Daniel Stacy was 24th (15:09.02), Heavener's Jose Farias was 25th (15:16.05), Heavener's Arturo Ortega was 26th (15:24.55), Poteau's Dylan Fox was 30th (15:40.24), Poteau's Tyler White was 32nd (15:50.84), Poteau's Bobby Graham was 37th (16:14.99), Poteau's Jeff Ridner was 43rd (16:27.81), Heavener's Dakota McGee was 46th (16:33.11), Poteau's Erik Sanjuan was 55th (16:54.21), Poteau's Cuco Bustos was 56th (16:57.49), Poteau's Allen Daniels was 58th (17:02.9), Poteau's Carlos Panduro was 60th (17:11.33), Poteau's Daryl Callaway was 69th (17:36.3), Poteau's Noah Martin was 70th (17:37.05), Poteau's Wesley Reeves was 71st (17:37.68), Poteau's Jayson Davis was 74th (17:48.81), Poteau's Hunter Martin was 76th (17:51.43), Poteau's Josh Anderson was 77th (17:54.46), Poteau's Alex Garcia was 79th (18:01.43), Poteau's Charles Graham was 84th (18:22.3), Poteau's Isaac Stacy was 85th (18:24.08), Poteau's Bobby Elkins was 88th (18:29.21), Poteau's Carlos Garcia was 92nd (18:49.78), Poteau's Matt Carmack was 95th (18:53.46), Heavener's Octavio Sanchez was 98th (19:06.18), Heavener's Levi Chuculate was 115th (21:16.34), Heavener's Kames Cinocca was 116th (21:22.08), Poteau's Cody White was 118th (22:45.08) and Heavener's Alanzo Aguirre was 122nd (21:41.68).The only county runner in the junior high division was Heavener's Teresa Duncan in the girls' 2,000-meter run, where she placed 32nd with a time of 11:53.84.Both schools' teams will return to action next Thursday. The Poteau runners will be at the Coweta Invitational beginning at 5 p.m., while the Heavener runners will be at the East Central University Invitational in Ada.