Poteau dominates scrimmage with host Tahlequah, Miami

TAHLEQUAH — Both Poteau Pirates Coaches Jeff Broyle and Andy Perdue had nothing but praise for the scrimmage last week in Catoosa. Both said that they were "proud of the way that the Pirates played (Thursday) against Tahlequah and Miami.”Up until the last Poteau defensive series, the Poteau defense allowed only 20 yards for three sets of plays.The Poteau offense was again sharp. In the “take-what-they-give-you” mode, both the Miami Wardogs and the Tahlequah Tigers took away the run. But in almost an instant replay of last week, the Poteau receivers were running free all night long, and Poteau lost several TDs as the receivers dropped the ball in wide open spaces. In the last series, the final 10 plays had to be terminated early because of the ill feeling between the two combantants.Poteau's freshmen had a complete reversal of fortune this scrimmage. They appeared to be lost and confused in the first scrimmage at Catoosa, but came out and dominated the Wardogs, and they played dead even against the Tigers.As the junior varsity took the field, Poteau quickly flexed the offensive muscle as Jace Pitchford stood tall in the pocket and stroked a scoring bomb to Kendrick Hardaway for 60 yards out.As the varsities took the field, the Pirates took the offensive against the Tigers. Wilson Klutts threw a perfect fly pattern to Jesse Woodson, and Woodson was so wide open, he caught the ball and ambled into the end zone.Poteau faced the Miami defense. After a couple of stops, the Pirates dialed up Klutts to Woodson again, this time for 55 yards and a TD. Poteau had mild success running the option to the short side of the field, and Klutts made 15 strong yards.In the second offensive series, Poteau move the ball downfield slowly, until play 9 of 10. On that play, Klutts stroked his third TD pass to Woodson from 25 yards out.