Poteau football coach wanting to get alumni involved to better program

After the buzz in the Poteau Pirates football program that was in the air in 2012 with the arrival of new coach Greg Werner, the first-year coach wants to capitalize on that.Werner, whose Pirates went 6-4 last fall, is beginning a fundraising campaign where past players can get involved with their alma mater’s team — and help the program in the process.Werner is beginning a fundraiser where past players can sponsor a locker in the fieldhouse at Costner Stadium. The funds raised will help begin a fund that can be used to help improve the facilities and equipment for the Pirates for future years.“We’re going to ask people who played here that, for $250, they can sponsor a locker," Werner said. "If they have a brother that played here, they can sponsor [a locker] together. Basically, on that locker will be their name, number and the years they played here — and it’s theirs forever. So, if we can fill the locker room up with alumni who want to sponsor a locker.”That’s not all. Werner is also going to be a monthly newsletter, which will be sent by e-mail. It will have information from things like what the current players are doing at that time to what is upcoming to what former players are up to at the time — such as getting married or getting ready to become a father.For additional information about either or both projects, call Werner at (918) 839-4572 or by e-mail at wernergreg67@gmail.com. Those wishing to submit their e-mail address to start getting the newsletter can text the address or e-mail the adress, and Werner will add those people to the e-mailing list.