Poteau High School begins drug testing policy

On Wednesday morning, the Poteau High School began testing students who participate in extracurricular activities as part of it's newest policy. Students waited at the entrance to Senior Hall until they were administered a drug test by certified medical personnel. The tests are targeting performance enhancement drugs and illegal narcotics use. different guidelines. According to Poteau Superintendent Dr. Don Sjoberg, the policy was modeled after the Tecumseh High School drug testing policy. The Tecumseh policy was challenged and heard in the Oklahoma State Supreme Court and was upheld by Justices as constitutional. The intentions behind the policy include educating students of the harmful side-effects of drug use, offering students with substance abuse policies an incentive to stop using, to prevent injury and to provide students with drug free practices, competitions and school activities. “It's our way to make sure we are doing our part in taking a stand against youth drug use,” said Sjoberg.