Poteau mayor praises residents for conserving water Thursday night

David Seeley
PDN Editor

Poteau Mayor Scotty White praised Poteauians for their part in conserving water Thursday night to keep the city from running out of water.
In a post on his Facebook wall at approximately 10:15 a.m. Friday, White said, "We did it! You all have done a great job conserving water!! (There was a) very notable change in usage (Thursday) night! Thank you to the great citizens of Poteau coming together and taking care of one another."
Just as he did when the COVID-19 pandemic started taking hold of Poteauians, White urged his citizens to conserve water through a video message at approximately 5:20 p.m. Thursday on his Facebook wall.
Despite the Thursday night emergency seemingly avoided, White still urged Poteauians to think conservatively.
"Let's keep up our water conservation," the Poteau's mayor said. "It has helped tremendously. I believe it will be touch and go like this for a few more days until PVIA can get caught up and get (its) tanks filled back up. Remember, with PVIA tanks being so low, we could loose our feed at any time. Right now (10:15 a.m. Friday), we are over half full and gaining ground. We believe we could possibly have our tank full by the end of (Friday) if we continue to conserve and are able to keep our feed from PVIA."
"We got our feed back (Friday) morning sometime around 2 a.m.," he said. "Although our tank is filling, it's not at maximum flow, and the PVIA tanks are extremely low."
The utilities issue also has affected Historic Downtown Poteau's office on Dewey Avenue. HDP Executive Director Mary Parham said that HDP's office is closed until "utility restrictions are lifted."
"We are hoping that we can resolve frozen pipes, clean up over the weekend and be open to the public on Tuesday," Parham said.