Poteau offense scores three TDs in Red-White Scrimmage

Going into Friday afternoon's Red-White Scrimmage at Costner Stadium, new Poteau Football Coach Greg Werner knew there would be some inconsistencies on offense. While there were things like dropped passes, there were three scores (or plays which would have been scores under normal game-like conditions) by the time the final snap of the interteam scrimmage.The three scores happened in the latter stages of the scrimmage. Kaydon Evans scored the first touchdown on about a 20-yard carry.Then, in the final series of snaps, quarterback Jace Pitchford hit Tyler Tustin over the middle on a play which would have been about an 80-yard TD pass, then Pitchford ended the scrimmage on a run up the middle on a carry which would have been about a 50-yard touchdown run.“We got better,” Werner said. “From the first play to the last play, we got a lot better.”Some other bright spots on offense was the fact that both quarterbacks, Pitchford and Dayton Martinez, had good games. Pitchford connected on four passes for 115 yards and a touchdown, while Martinez hit on three passes for 40 yards — 20 of which came on a throw to Hunter Bradshaw.Tustin had the one 80-yard TD pass, while Jarrett Lowrimore had a 15-yard recpetion from Pitchford in the last series of snaps. Dylan Stone, Dylan Wiles, Dylan Gregory and Mason Jones all had 10-yard receptions.As for rushing, Evans had a 10-yard and a 15-yard carry to go with his 20-yard touchdown run, while Michael Reynolds had a pair of 10-yard runs and a 20-yard carry.Some other things caught the new coach's attention.“I thought we played a lot harder the more the scrimmage went on,” Warner said. “The first couple of series, I didn't think we played hard. As the scrimmage went along, we played a lot harder. I thought the hitting was good, and it got better as we moved along in the scrimmage.”But there were still some things which Werner wants to see corrected.“We have to learn our assignments,” he said. “The learning curve is huge right now. We've had only six practices, so everything is new. Every day will be a new day. We're going to get better. It's just going to take time.”If there was a major goal to achieve in Friday afternoon's scrimmage, it was to get the players on film and begin the evaluation process — and some positive things caught Werner's eyes.“I'm excited now,” he said. “The main thing is we've got film. We can start watching film now, and pick up on things we've got to do better. It's going to take a while, but we're going to get there.”