Poteau PD warn after multiple vehicle break-ins

Surveillage footage from one of the break-ins.
Jenny Huggins
News Reporter

The Poteau Police Department is warning residents to make sure that there are no valuables in their vehicles after a recent upsurge in vehicle break-ins.

"We have had multiple vehicle break-ins around town over the past few weeks," the department said on its Facebook page. According to information obtained by the department as well as video surveillance footage, the thieves have stolen a weapon out of one vehicle.

"Please don't leave valuables especially weapons in your vehicle. Locked or unlocked, a vehicle is not a safe place to store property," the department said.

The video shows one male, tall and slender with longer blonde hair. He appears to be wearing blue jeans, T-shirt and a backwards hat.

The video released by the Poteau Police is not clear, but it appears to show a man walking up to a truck, pulling the handle, looking around then walking away. Shortly after, he is joined by two other individuals and two dogs as they continue to walk down the road.

The video comes from the area around the Poteau Elementary school.

The police ask anyone with any information about the recent break-ins to call (918) 647-8620.