Poteau Pirates football team showing signs of turning corner

The 2012 football season for the Poteau Pirates ended Friday night. Even though the Pirates did not make the playoffs, they made all the fans realize that something good is about to happen and the future is bright.This year the Pirates scored 270 while giving up 205. Poteau rushed for 2,620 yards and passed the ball for 798 yards, for a total offense of 3,418 yards. The defense held other teams to 1,299 yards rushing, but gave up 1,294 yards through the air.Roger Barcheers rushed for 1,252 yards and scored 13 touchdowns on the year. That is the most yards any Poteau Pirate running back has rushed for since 1989 — the year that Chris Duncan rushed for more than 1,500 yards in 14 games.The 2013 Poteau Pirates football team will have most of its key rushing-yard makers returning next year. Poteau will lose Blake Johnson, Tyler Tustin, Jay Werner and Dylan Stone, who are four of their top receivers.The Pirates were blessed this year with a big offensive line, but five of the six linemen were seniors.