Poteau Quarterback Club to discuss installing turf at Costner Stadium

It has been about five years since I came before you with the idea of putting artificial turf on the field at Costner Stadium. It was not well received, and I was even called the village idiot of Poteau โ€” VIP for short.Well, I was approached by two members of the Poteau Quarterback Club who were excited about the possibility of getting turf for the field, and those two members got my juices flowing again. Poteau deserves the best.A representative of UBU Sports came to the Quarterback Club meeting last month, and presented the Club with the possibility of placing turf on the field.Now is the time for Poteau to step forward and take the leap of faith. The Poteau Pirates will play artificial turf four times this year.The people of Poteau should get behind this venture, for it can only bring in GOOD for Poteau. The Poteau High School band could hold contests that would draw up to 25 to 30 bands โ€” that would be at least 600 kids, not counting sponsors and parents. Think about the revenue that would create for the businesses around the field.The football field could also host festivals, preseason scrimmages for all of LeFlore County โ€” and there would be the possibility of having a state semifinal football playoff game between teams in lower classes. With the new track in place, the facility at Costner Stadium would be a gem, and a showcase for eastern Oklahoma.I was part of the Poteau High School All-Sports Banquet, and I attended the Poteau High School Reunion last Saturday. I had the field turf, and was showing it to all the past athletes and the Poteau High School alumni at the reunion. All the athletes and alumni were impressed with the turf, and one of the athletes inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame even made a strong pledge to purchase the 22-yard line in Honor of David "Doc" Rolle, the only Poteau High School player to earn All-American honors while in Poteau. Rolle went on to play for the University of Oklahoma and then the Denver Broncos. The donor told me he challenged other Poteau Pirate boosters and fans to buy a yard line and help the Pirates achieve their goal. What a great way to honor your favorite player and/or coach.We need your help and assistance in getting the field.Please come to the Poteau Quarterback Club Meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the football fieldhouse to hear the presentation of just how we are going to achieve our goal.Remember, the time is now.