Poteau Red-White Scrimmage was a teaching tool for Pirates

It became apparent right from the start of Saturday night's Poteau Pirates’ Red-White Interteam Scrimmage at Costner Stadium that the defense was well ahead of the offense. That can be said about most teams' first scrimmage of the year, yet alone a team that has a polar opposite change in offensive philosophies. Last year, the Pirates were in a wide-open spread offense, while the coaching style chosen by the new Poteau Coach Greg Werner is more on the lines of a more physical offense play across the front offensive line for the Pirates. Their line will average more than 250 pounds per man. If the Pirates choose to pass the ball, they should do that off play-action plays.“When you split teams up for a team scrimmage like we did, you would expect to see a low-scoring affair,” Werner said. “If we were to have a lot of score by one teams vs. the other, I would be very concerned about the depth of the team. But I am well pleased with this scrimmage. Sure, our offense is still very young with the terminology and assignment of our offense, but we are improving every practice.”The Pirates will travel to Tulsa Friday night for a three-way scrimmage against Tulsa Memorial, a Class 5A school, and Catoosa, the Class 4A state runner-up. Both the varsity and the freshmen will participate.