Poteau School implements new policy

In an ongoing effort to ensure the safety of students Poteau Primary School has devised a new procedure for afternoon student pickup. Beginning Tuesday, car visor tags will be used to identify parents who are picking up students. The new procedure will be as follows:For parents who drive through the circle drive to pick up:One tag with the student’s name written on it will be provided to each parent to display on the passenger side visor. As the parent’s vehicle approaches the designated pickup line the student whose name is displayed will be called to the loading zone and loaded on the passenger side of the vehicle. A visor tag will be required to pick up any child. Additional tags will be available to purchase in the school office for $2 if extras are needed. Parents who do not have the tag on display will be asked to park their vehicle in a designated parking place and go to the school office to sign out their child. Vehicles may not be left unattended in the circle drive. Any parent participating in a car pool will be asked to go to the office to receive a special pass in advance.For parents who walk up to the pickup line:Parents are encouraged to stay in their vehicle and drive through the circle drive instead of walking up to the pickup line. This is a more efficient and safe way for students to be picked up. Parents who have the option of timing their arrival at school between 3:05 and 3:15 instead of 3 p.m. should consider doing so. This will shorten the wait time and keep traffic from backing so far down the street. At 3 p.m. the traffic is heavy, but by 3:05 most of the traffic has already cleared out. Parents who still choose to walk up to the pickup line to get their child must carry the visor tag with them. Parents will be asked to stand in a line, holding the tag with their student’s name on it. A teacher will release the children to their parent one at a time. Any parent who does not have a tag will be required to go to the school office to check the student out. The past practice of parents walking up and just taking their child and the occasional uncertainty of who was picking them up is something school officials are attempting to avoid with this new system. The sole purpose of this change in procedure is to increase the safety of students. Visor tags will be distributed to parents during pickup Monday.