Poteau senior golfer wants to go out in style; Wells will enter West Point in July

The next couple of months are going to be special for Poteau Pirate senior golfer Trey Wells. First, he wants to do well in his final Class 4A State Tournament, which will take place Monday and Tuesday at Oklahoma City's Lake Hefner North Golf Course.“I just want to play well,” Wells said. “I want to help our golf team do really good. I'm looking forward to it.”This will mark the second straight spring in which Wells has played at state. He said that is going to be very helpful come next week.“I think it meant a lot,” Wells said about getting to play at state in 2011. “It got my nerves more calmed down. I think we were really nervous last year.”Another thing which Wells said will help come Monday and Tuesday will be the fact he and his Pirate teammates have not only played on the state-tournament course a couple of weeks ago but will do so on Sunday.“It helps a lot,” Wells said. “It has given us a chance to know what kind of shot to take on each hole, and how to play each hole.”If the Pirates, or even Wells, is crowned a state champion at the end of the state tournament on Tuesday afternoon, he can only imagine what the feeling will be like.“I would be full of amazement,” he said. “There wouldn't be any better way to go out.”Next week's state tournament will not be the only big thing happening for Wells. In July, the Poteau senior will head to West Point to join the United States Military Academy.“I want to do something more productive in my life,” Wells said. “I want to help serve our country. I want to do the best that I can.”Last week, Wells went on a visit of West Point. Little did he know he would see a famous figure — Duke University Men's Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski, a 1969 Army graduate.“I got to meet 'Coach K,' Wells said. “We just went there to go show me around, and they invited me to lunch. They told me that 'Coach K' was going to speak. I guess for them something like that is normal. They asked me if I wanted to take a picture with him, and I said, 'Sure!'"Wells said that playing golf will help him adjust to life at West Point.“I guess one way golf has gotten me ready is when it comes to marching around since I walk during golf tournaments,” the Poteau senior golfer said. “That's going to help me. Then, it's also helped me learn how to get things done the right way. There's something there (West Point) called the 'honors system.' At the academy, they have an honor code as to what to do.”