Poteau's original NASCAR fan recognized

During Labor Day weekend's NASCAR race at Atlanta, an interesting name was observed in the race program. The program listed longtime Atlanta Motor Speedway fans, and the second page of the section was entitled 25 to 49 years [for being fans]. On that list was Poteau's own Harold R. “Dick” Wilkerson.Dick, who is known far and wide for his knowledge of motor homes and other recreational vehicles, has been a stock car racing fan since the early days of Tri-State Speedway and many other local tracks.Approximately 28 years ago, he decided he wanted to attend the NASCAR race in Atlanta, and in those days an infield parking spot was obtained on a first-come, first-served basis. Well, Dick was able to secure a spot each year, and when they finally went to assigned parking he was one of the first to get his assigned parking spot.Dick and his wife, Ardith, have over the years taken many friends to Atlanta to enjoy a NASCAR racing weekend and meet friends they had made at the race track itself. Since the assigned parking was put in place, each race you would see the same “neighbors,” and have watched each other's children grow up. It has been described as a three-day extended family reunion and tailgate party with good friends, good food and good times.Due to illness, Dick and Ardith could not attend this year's NASCAR race in Atlanta. However, their friends and family were there carrying on the tradition started by Dick so many years ago.Way to go, Dick — and, hopefully, you all will get to go next year.Save the world, recycle.God bless our troops and veterans.Have a great weekend.• • •Any questions or pictures, make contact with Jody Ray Adams on Facebook, on “The Jody Ray Fishing Hotline” at (918) 649-7387 or email to jodyray@classicnet.net.