Publisher apologizes for production problems

November 1 wasn't a great day to be in the newspaper business … in Poteau anyway.Due to a variety of malfunctions the Nov. 2 newspaper didn't get printed until incredibly late. Quite a few of the papers have messed up page numbers due to a mechanical failure in the printing press. We ended up having to run some the papers in two sections and some of the pages got renumbered, or had the numbers removed in the process. All the news is there. The main problem is that the stories jumping from page one jump to page 8 instead of page 16 in many of the newspapers.Also, none of the newspapers that are delivered by mail will be delivered today. This was due to a problem with our mail software the prevented us from printing the mail labels. They will be delivered in tomorrow's mail.I apologize for the problems. These things happen every now and then, although rarely all at once. The good news is that once the problems are addressed, they shouldn't be issues again for a long time.