PVIA manager: ‘We’re doing all we can do to get water out’

David Seeley
PDN Editor

Poteau Valley Improvement Authority Manager James Morrison said PVIA is doing all it can at the moment to take care of the water issue, which namely has put the northern half of LeFlore County into either having very little water or none at all.
“South, I’m doing good, but north of Poteau I still have low pressure,” Morrison said Friday afternoon. “There’s still people out of water that way. We’ve walked and drove our lines. We’re trying to get an airplane so we can fly our lines to make sure we haven’t got a leak we can’t see somewhere. We’re pumping as much water as we can out of the plant here (at Wister Lake). We’re doing all we can do to get water out. We just can’t get anything built up out in the system.”
PVIA needs to get its water tanks up to its usual near full capacity, then things should start improving.
“We have to get all the system pressure back up so I can start putting water in our tanks,” Morrison said. “We have to get our tanks up to a good high elevation (of amount of water).”