Review of allegations against State Trooper confirmed

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has confirmed a Trooper level review of allegations brought forth against State Trooper Daniel Martin.A complaint alleged that Martin, during the first days of Cadet Lawmen academy, shared an inappropriate adult photo (not of himself) to another Trooper. The incident was reported to Academy staff. It was decided that since Trooper Martin's son was in attendance at the academy, it would be in best interest to release Trooper Martin from this special assignment. Despite media allegations, the incident occurred between peers only, a press release states, with no accusations of sexual misconduct alleged with any teen attending the Cadet Lawman Academy. According to OHP, there are no allegations of physical contact or direct inappropriate behavior between Trooper Martin or other attending members at the academy. Finalization of the incident is pending. It will be handled at a Troop level, with the Chief of Patrol awaiting the final report from an OHP lieutenant who serves as Academy Commandant.