Saber Transportation Support, providing all your start-up needs

Saber was established in 1992 as a company whose purpose was to assist individuals obtain their ICC number and get started in the trucking business. We are still committed to helping people get started but the scope of our services has greatly increased. We are truly a “one stop shop” for anybody wanting to start a trucking company or become compliant with the Department of Transportation’s many rules and regulations. An ICC number is now called a D.O.T. number and anybody that is transporting goods across state lines must also have a Motor Carrier number as well. You will also need a BOC3, UCR, 2290, and a host of other abbreviations, numbers and authorities. It’s easy to see how one could get lost in the maze of starting or maintaining compliance. We are familiar with all of this and can accommodate any type of trucking endeavor including oilfield, household goods, commodities or hazardous materials.Every driver of a commercial motor vehicle or combination of vehicles whose GVWR is over 26,001 pounds must be involved in a random drug/alcohol testing program. Saber Drug Consortium provides a drug/alcohol testing policy written to the specifications of the DOT and professional administration of the program. Our one time membership fee is unique to other consortiums. No yearly or quarterly membership dues, is just one less thing you have to worry about. With Saber you only pay for the drug or alcohol tests when they are done. We also provide a supervisors guide to drug and alcohol awareness. We offer a drug and alcohol testing program for any industry and will customize it to fit your specific need.Our very skilled staff can take the complexity and frustration out of compliance issues and our start to finish service is like none other. We make sure you have all of the necessary authority, permits, accounts and compliance issues handled. We are there to help keep you rolling with a full service drug testing program, IFTA reporting, driver safety training, account renewals, and compliance consulting etc.DOT regulations apply to all commercial motor vehicles and companies. Whether you own one truck or a hundred the same rules apply and fines for non compliance are very expensive yet unnecessary.Let Saber do it!Dewayne Reed, Owner