Same official who made questionable call in OU-Oregon game was at OU-TCU contest

Did anybody else notice in the Oklahoma-Texas Christian game Saturday when R.J. Washington made a great pass rush and forced the TCU quarterback to cough up the ball. The announcers kept on saying, “It looked like his arm was moving forward. Let's go to Los Angeles, and see what our expert official has to say about the play and just what his ruling would be.” When they cut to the official, I started laughing so hard, I just about fell out of my recliner. I thought it was so ironic. It was the same white hat official who called the infamous OU-Oregon game where he missed three critical calls in about a two-minute span., and that official made it four straight calls against the Sooners and said it appeared his arm was going forward. The replay official in Fort Worth, Texas, was the only official who made the right call. He awarded the Sooners the ball.